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Educating Today’s Youth on Safety and Social Responsibility Through Music & Visual Resources

Elephants Rule!

Online Educational Outreach Program for Children

Cabe serves as a one-stop digital educational outreach program focused on creative child development and learning through music and visual performances. We are dedicated to inculcating the values of safety and social responsibility among today’s youth in a simplified and fun-filled manner.

Our character Boowajoe, along with his friends, teaches kids to look both ways, not just in terms of safety while crossing the road but in all other aspects of life. All the music used in our online learning programs is created and performed by our owner and founder, Wallace Johnson.


Meet Our Founder

A father, a singer, and a true gentleman held in the highest regard by people, Wallace Johnson, has touched the lives of several children with his creative safety posters and music. He has always been known as an admirable person and a role model in any endeavor he has decided to pursue.

Wallace’s voice was well-known to the passengers of the 38 Geary bus as the temperate serenade on a MUNI journey that sometimes turned out to be quite strenuous. This includes several eminent personalities, ranging from the likes of Luther Vandross to Nat King Cole and Lionel Ritchie.

A Change of Fortune

Wallace was once turned down by a teacher in a junior high school talent show. Fortune, however, had better things in store for him. Tony Grammy award-winning writer/lyricist, Robert Brittan, best known for the Broadway musical Raisin, persuaded him to give his singing another try. Robert later went on to become his friend and mentor, playing a key role in bringing out Wallace’s natural singing talent.

Singing Style

Wallace brings his signature singing style to each performance, just like other great musicians. His velvety voice encompasses the perfect blend of romanticism and an uninterrupted baritone that puts every lyric in your heart. His brothers, who had grown up in the chorus, were among those who most strongly encouraged him to sing.

Music for Children

Giving back to the community is still a part of Wallace’s life. He believes music is a creative and powerful medium to educate today’s youth. Singing for children at various public-school assemblies was among his favorite pastimes. Wallace, currently working on his third CD, has also put his talented voice before television audiences on several major networks.

Nurturing Young Minds

Here at Cabe, we offer plentiful digital resources to nurture young minds and transform kids into safe, confident explorers of the world. Our characters, Boowajoe and friends, focus on the fundamentals of community citizenship, safety, and smart decision-making to enable children to learn, grow, experience cross-cultural communities, and confidently explore the world.

In addition, we create communication guidelines regarding transit between destinations within the city and the world.