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Teaching Safety & Social Responsibility to Children

Here at Cabe, we combine interactive learning videos and thought-provoking music with teaching safety and social responsibility to children. While our learning program, Boowajoe, starts within the community and is still in its early stages of development, we hope it will become a global leader in children's educational and intellectual properties.

Scroll down the page to watch The Children Song video and other educational videos created exclusively to transform today’s learners into socially-responsible leaders of tomorrow.


The Children Song

This video inspires hope for faith-based children navigating dreams and realities.

Donkey N Class

Donkey N Class video encourages children to stay in school and persevere through struggles.

Cool Baby Elephant

This video tells the story of a resilient, young elephant in his attempts to dodge hunters who want to lock him up in a zoo.

Watch Our Videos

Cover Photo of Boowajoe - Donkey N Class Video
Cover Photo of Boowajoe - The Children Song Video
Cover Photo of Boowajoe - Cool Baby Elephant Video
An illustration and a cartoon of an elephant
A picture of the Wallace Johnson