Shaping Children into Responsible Future Citizens

While our founder, Wallace Johnson, was born into poverty, he was never without life’s fulfillment or a feeling of being cherished. He discovered his “Golden Voice” after finding his purpose inwardly and started Cabe to create a fun and interactive learning experience for children through music, videos, and positive message posters.

We are on a mission to bring families together and shape children into future responsible citizens of the nation. Please be encouraged to teach the inspirational songs presented on our website to more and more children if you care about them as much as we do.

We believe that giving a child a ‘voice’ is to let them know ‘freedom,’ a ‘positive message’ is to let them hope, and ‘love’ is to give them their world.


Downloadable Posters

We offer downloadable posters for display that come with a variety of positive messages. They are aesthetically appealing to children and spread the values of safety and social responsibility through animated characters and graphics.

Elephants Rule!

Printable Posters

In addition to downloadable posters, we also offer posters that can be printed by children and used for coloring with crayons or markers. This fosters a creative environment for children to learn and grow while keeping them engaged in productive, fun activities.