About The Author


I grew up in  inner city San Francisco, times were pretty hard coming from a big family, with my Dad being the only bread winner. My parents were denied an education, endured more hardship than one could imagine. I struggled with dyslexia at a young age, grateful for the special education teachers for the self confidence they gave. ALI, was my idol and I loved singing. I missed out on the fun childhood, becoming a parent at a very young age. I didn't finish school, got a GED at age twenty five. I attended Jr. College, and at thirty four received Vocational Nursing License (LVN) very proud of that. Oh yeah, middle weight boxing champ at S.F.City College for fours years, plus a 1981-82 S.F. Golden Glove Championship Contender Jr. Mid. Wt. division (novelist) first competition, at the young age of thirty.

Working a lot in the Community as a youth and adult was the most rewarding experience. There I learned about the struggle and never do I want to forget where I came from, and the great mentors, who gave me guidance and leadership, and life survival skills. I'm forever grateful. I worked public, mental health and many other jobs before going into transportation. As a kid Bus Drivers seemed like very happy people.

I worked in civil service, for the City and County of San Francisco over thirty two years. My career began as a Transit Operator, then Supervisor, retired as City Manager (Transit Superintendent) Division Operations. I battled for the last two positions I wasn't going to be denied, I wasn't going to accept NO, nor was I going to let anyone tell me what I can or cannot do. I am happy for the FED's fair equal opportunities under the law.
I'm currently one exam away from obtaining my California Real Estate License.

All praises to my creator, for allowing music to touch my soul, and giving me the gift of song, and so much more. Through his grace and blessings being able to sing and give of myself has always been extremely gratifying. To the old and young never give up on the dreams that you have. I was taught we're all here to help others. My belief is to just leave things better than I found them. By the way I have seven Great Grand Children. Everyday feels amazing. Believe that!

Blessings Peace Love Inspire